Williamston Area Senior Center

Add Zest to Your Life – Pass the Joy on to Others


Mission Statement:

The Williamston Area Senior Center (WASC) will serve as a gathering point where people can come together for services and activities which will enrich their quality of life.

Short-term goals:

  1. For the director to continue pursuing grants and/or sponsorships to help pay for supplies and activities.
  2. Plan activities to attract young seniors and increase participation at the center.  This can include activities at the center and field trips.
  3. To recruit volunteers for a specific need:
    drivers for lunch
    to cover for director when not here
    to help with special projects
  4. To continue consistent review of the director’s job, pay and benefits.
  5. To designate a volunteer recognition day to be done every year.  This day will celebrate all volunteers.
  6. To keep open lines of communication with the City of Williamston, Webberville, the townships of Williamston, Wheatfield, Leroy, Locke, and Dansville.

Long-term goals:

  1. Seek funding source to generate $30,000 per year to guarantee a senior center for the Williamston community.
  2. Research the possibility of hiring an administrative assistant to assist the director and the financial officer as the center grows.