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Other News

The 2017 Charity Chili Challenge is finished and in the books.

We set some new records.  Unfortunately,  fundraising was not one of the records broken, but we did set a new record high temperature for the Lansing – 94 degrees – not real conducive to luring people out to local high school fall football and chili!

So, we started the evening with five viable contenders (presented here in order of serving in the tent): Merindorf Meats & More,  Sinclair Grill,  Ellie’s Country Kitchen,  Sunnyside Café,  and Old Nation Brewery.   There seemed to be some friendly (?) trash talking going on amongst the servers, but no ladles or chili were thrown, and the race was on.

Secret ears throughout the tent were hearing “really, you liked THAT one? I liked the one on the end”  “No, I will not give you my chip to vote, I don’t trust you to put in the one I said!”   Again, no fights broke out, no police were called.

It was a close race, just like last year, but the winner was clear, no hanging chads, no broken chips……………..…………. And John Roy will be making the announcement shortly.

Thank you to all the restaurants participating, it was just as hot and steamy as being in the kitchen cooking!

Special thanks to all of our volunteers who helped set up, clean up, and make the event happen.

AND, we may have some new film stars in our area. Karen Bollman, one of our Board members suggested our Charity Chili Challenge to a young MSU film student who was looking for a subject for their class project.

The crew of four came to the Challenge, filmed for about an hour, including an in-depth interview with our Director, John Roy.  The group enjoyed themselves and the environment. We hope to be able to share some of their film with you.